The trend of restoring old furniture – What to consider in your summertime DIY projects

With growing environmental concerns and global supply chain delays, the popularity of vintage and old furniture continues to skyrocket. A discussion with Tom Vendelbo, Application Manager at Teknos Denmark, reveals that he is very familiar with the increasing interest in vintage and old furniture.


DIY projects by Teknos Family members


“Restoring and refinishing furniture is a growing trend. People don’t always want to buy new furniture; they are looking to refresh the style or color of their furniture and decide to restore old, classic objects,” says Tom.

That’s normal that vintage and old furniture might require a little bit of refinishing or restoring.

“Restoring and, in general, taking good care of your furniture is important. Well-cared furniture can last a lifetime. As furniture are subject to a lot of wear, these objects must be properly surface treated to endure use.”

Tom has restored several items by using Teknos products. Usually, the restoring process consists of three phases: evening out the dents and bumps of the surface, application of base coating as well as application of top coating. The surface should be sanded with sandpaper at each phase.

“I have restored chairs, interior doors, toys, and cradles with Teknos products. For a good result, the paint must be easy to use and apply and dry fast. With a long-lasting product, taking care of the surfaces is easier and the maintenance cycle is longer.”

The approaching summer season is an excellent time for interior projects and new design ideas. Restoring and refinishing old furniture as a DIY project can be a great recreational activity during the summer holiday.

“Summer is a good time for DIY projects, but I must say that there is a spike in interest in restoring and refinishing interior objects also in the early autumn. In the summertime people travel and spend time outdoors and become inspired by new ideas to implement in the autumn,” summarizes Tom.


Tom’s tips for DIY projects:

·        Teknos DIY products – “Teknos offers a wide variety of consumer products that can be used for DIY projects.”

·        Teknos do it yourselves Futura Aqua 20 or 40 paint applied with a roller or brush – “Teknos do it yourselves Futura Aqua is an industrial paint, that can be used in interior products, too. It’s a durable paint that is easy to apply.”

·        Wood oils – “Wood oils are one the newest trend in the interior, at least here in Denmark. The oil makes wooden surfaces look more natural while giving proper protection.”

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