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Teknos standards for new supplier

Global coating supply chains includes many companies, and it takes several steps and long distances for raw materials to reach the form of an end product. Due to this complexity the visibility of the chain and the collaboration between the companies is even more important for efficient performance. From our suppliers we expect the following:

  • To go through our new supplier approval process.
  • Loyalty and responsibility through the transparent operations.
  • Meet our standards considering quality, safety, and availability of the purchased materials.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct 
    We expect our suppliers to commit sustainable business practices by protecting environment, health and safety, human rights and business ethics. Our supplier code of conduct is integrated as a part of our new supplier approval process. All Teknos suppliers must agree, sign and act according to our supplier code of conduct.

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New supplier approval for direct procurement

All potential new Teknos suppliers must go through our new supplier approval process. Minimum criteria for new suppliers are:



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