Teknos colours are inspired by the Nordic nature. The harmony of colours that nature provides is also brought to our colour cards. The colours are not only beautiful but they are also technically well functioning with e.g. excellent hiding power and good UV resistance.

Interior Colours

The beautiful Teknos 382 Interior Colours are at high quality also when talking about technical properties. Excellent hiding power and non–methameric properties guarantee the desired result as easily as possible.

Colour Your Story -collection consists of 105 pre selected colours from all 382 Interior colours. Colour Your Story -colours are easy to combine and muted enough to function well also on larger surfaces. Colour Your Story collection is devided into five different themes and the colours are named according to them.

Interior colours are suitable for walls, ceilings, furniture, doors, windows and floors.

Exterior colours

Exterior colours is a collection of 122 beautiful  colours for wooden and rendered facades, socles, roofs, doors and windows. High UV resistance is very important in exterior colours and it has been one of the corner stones when creating the collection. These colours function beautifully in different surrounding from urban environment to rural areas.


These stunning translucent colours leave the wood pattern beautifully visible and retain the natural beauty of wooden surfaces while giving protection against UV-radiation. ​
Translucent colours are both for interior and exterior use and can be tinted to varnishes, waxes, oils and stains.

NCS colours

In addition to Teknos colours we offer for professionals NCS colours for all painting.

NCS (Natural Colour System) is an international way of communicating with colours. The NCS colours are used not only in paints but also other materials e.g. in tiles. Contact your local sales for purchasing your own NCS Fan deck.


Colours for industrial coatings

The colours used in powder coating and wet metal painting are mainly RAL Classic and NCS colours. Contact your local sales for purchasing RAL Classic and NCS fan decks.

In industrial wood Exterior colours and Translucent colours are usable.

Tailored shades

Sometimes the demand for the colour is very strict and the perfect shade is not found in any of the excisting colour cards. Contact your local sales for tailored shades in opaque or translucent colours.