Water-borne 1C filler for interior use

  • 1-component
  • Water-borne
  • Filler

VELLAMO FILL 8700-00 is a water-borne, fast-drying and thixotropic filler with a high solids content and excellent filling properties as well as very good sandability. As it is particularly viscous, the product is especially suitable for applications on vertical surfaces.

Surface preparation

Every substrate must be well-cleaned, dry and free from grease and oil. Coating removal: Sand, strip


Stir or shake the product well for several minutes before use, if necessary by machine.

Application conditions

During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the product shall be above +15°C and the relative air humidity 35-50%.


Storage temperature is +5°C - +30°C. Store in a tightly closed container.

Supplied viscosity: 30-35s DIN6 Caution Material is thixotropic!
Weight solids abt. 55 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 50 g/l
Theoretical spreading rate 200 g/m; 5 m/kg
Density abt. 1.335 g/ml
Drying time – dust free after 30 minutes
Drying time – touch dry after 60 minutes
Drying time – through-dry after 24 hours
Drying time - overcoatable after 2 hours (with VELLAMO FILL) after 12 hours with topcoat
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use. Water, SPEZIALVERDÜNNER 1020-98.
Colours White.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.