Wood primer containing active ingredients

  • Primer
  • Wood preservative

TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 is a ready-to-use, solvent-based wood primer for industrial and commercial use that provides protection against wood-destroying and blue stain fungi. The product has excellent filling and sanding properties. TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 has a very good insulating effect against active substances in the wood and is suitable for use on all common wood species.

Surface preparation

Every substrate must be well-cleaned, dry and free from grease and oil.


Shake or stir product well before use.

Application conditions

Recommended temperature for surroundings and product: +15°C-25°C. Do not apply below +10°C.


Storage temperature is +5°C - +30°C.

Use biocidal products safely! Always read the label and product information before use. For professional users only! Toxic to fish and bees, do not allow to make any contact with wastewater, groundwater or soil. No direct contact of treated surfaces with food, feed and farm animals or damp or wet skin. May cause irritant or allergenic effects. The product may only be supplied with a suitable top coat. Do not use in living rooms or bedrooms, except for preventive treatment of wooden parts exposed to moisture or endangered by wood-discolouring and wood-destroying fungi. Information on compulsory marking of goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00: For goods treated with wood preservatives and where biocide properties (e.g. protection against wood-destroying or wood-discolouring fungi) are declared, the following instructions must be followed in accordance with the European Regulation on Biocidal Products: The person responsible for the sale of treated goods, such as doors and windows, must mark these goods with the information given in this case for TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 in the DATA SHEET below. The marking must be clearly visible, legible and sufficiently durable. If necessary due to the size or function of the treated goods, the marking must be in printed form on the packaging, the instructions for use or the warranty certificate. For further details, please refer to the Biocidal Regulation, 528/2012 Article 58, section 3: DATA SHEET for goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 This product has been treated with wood preservative: TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 (Regulated by Biocidal Regulation 528/2012, PT08) a) Goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 contain: Biocides approved for product type 8 b) Goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 are protected against: Wood-destroying or wood-discolouring fungi c) Goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 contain the following biocides: Propiconazole, IPBC, Tebuconazole d) Goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 contain the following nanomaterials: - Manufacturer of the wood preservative with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00 is: Teknos AG, Industriestrasse 7, LI-9487 Gamprin-Bendern e) Special precautions for goods treated with TURVANOL BIP 2075-00: For the protection of aquatic organisms, the treated wood may not be used near bodies of water (rivers, watercourses, lakes, etc.). The wooden surface must be covered with a coating, e.g. varnish or paint. The surface treatment must be regularly maintained.
Weight solids abt. 6 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 753 g/l
Theoretical spreading rate 150 g/m²; 6 m²/kg
Density abt. 0.82 g/ml
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use. TERPENTINERSATZ 4214-98 or VERDÜNNER 1300-98.
Colours Colourless.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.