TEKNOPUR 320-800

Elastomeric coating

  • 2-component

TEKNOPUR 320-800 is a two-pack, solvent-free elastomeric coating. Coating is applied by spraying. TEKNOPUR 320-800 is based on pure polyurea.

Intended for use as waterproofing and coating for bitumen roofs and concrete structures. TEKNOPUR 320-800 withstands impacts, hard abrasion, chemicals and constant immersion in water. It will cure also in -20°C temperature. Coating yellows due to the impact of UV-light. When a surface with good colour retention is desired, the surface needs to be overcoated with e.g. TEKNODUR 0090 polyurethane top coat. The coating is usually applied to 2000 - 3000 µm total thickness. Product has CE approval for protection of concrete structures.

Surface preparation

Remove from the surfaces any contaminants that might be detrimental to surface preparation and application. Remove also water-soluble salts by using appropriate methods. The surfaces are prepared according to the different materials as follows: BITUMEN SURFACES: Remove from the surfaces any contaminants (e.g. grease and salts) that might be detrimental to painting. Surfaces to be painted must be dry and clean. Damaged parts are pretreated in accordance with the requirements placed by the substrate and the maintenance painting. CONCRETE SURFACES: The concrete must be at least 4 weeks old and well-hardened so that all moisture from casting is bound and the surface dry. The moisture of the concrete must nor exceed 97 % as relative humidity or 4% by weight (by 45 / BLY 7). Dense laitance is to be removed from the concrete by shot-blasting, sanding or by sand blasting. Brittle and powdery top layers are treated so that the solid concrete containing aggregate is exposed. Thereafter all cement dust is removed by vacuum cleaner or brush. The concrete surface must be clean of anything that might hinder the adhesion. The place and time of the preparation are to be chosen so that the prepared surface will not get dirty or damp before the subsequent treatment. More detailed instructions available in separate system descriptions. Additional instructive information for surface preparation can be found in standards EN ISO 12944-4 and ISO 8501-2.


For two component application the components must be kept at a temperature of +20 - +25° C before use so that they are fluid enough for the feed pumps. To ensure that the paint is uniform the base needs to be stirred thoroughly before use. The ratio of the dosage pump must be 1 : 1. The heating shall be adjusted so that the temperature of the components is +75 - +80°C. The hoses are heated to the same temperature. Temperature of the mixture in the nozzle must be at least +70°C. The film thickness is controlled from reference plate by dry film gauge. Thicker films are applied in phases so that the film is left to cool down between layers. The mixing ratio is ensured by controlling the pressure on the feed pumps and consumption of the components and also by measuring the hardness of the coating (Shore A, ISO 868). Directions given by the manufacturer of the twin-feed spray are to be followed when working.

Application conditions

The surface to be treated must be dry. During the application and drying period the temperature of the ambient air and the surface shall be above -10°C and the relative air humidity below 90%. The temperature of the surface to be treated must be at least +3°C above the dew point of the ambient air.


The storage stability is shown on the label. Store indoors in a cool and dry place and in a tightly closed can. The hardener reacts with air humidity. Opened can is to be carefully closed after the use and it is recommended to be used within 3 days from opening. Barrels are to be equipped with desiccant tubes.

Product is applied by hot twin-feed spray, e.g. Graco Reactor or PMC PHX-2. The components are mixed in the pistol (e.g. Graco Fusion AP or PMC AP-2). The mixing chamber and nozzle are chosen according to the object to be painted. Recommended spraying pressure is 150-160 bar.
Solids abt. 100 % by volume
Total mass of solids abt. 1100 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 0 g/l
Pot life 15 sec. (+23 °C)
Hardener Comp. A: TEKNOPUR HARDENER 7247
Gloss Gloss
Practical spreading rate
Drying time – touch dry Approx. 45 seconds
Drying time – fit for light traffic Approx. 5 minutes
Drying time – fully cured Approx. 1 d
Clean up TEKNOCLEAN 6496, TEKNOCLEAN 6481-00.
Colours Light grey, black, ~RAL 7031
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates CE marking