Alkyd top coat

  • Corrosion protective
  • Special adhesion
  • 1-component
  • Solvent-borne
  • Topcoat

TEKNOCELL 1310 is a combination of Nitrocellulose and Alkyd resin.

Topcoat for metal constructions.

TEKNOCELL 1310 is a quick drying coating with good adhesion and good surface quality.

Technical data sheet

Surface preparation

Remove from the surface any contaminants that might be detrimental to surface preparation and coating. Remove also water-soluable salts by using appropriate methods. Suitable primers according to requirements and durability class recommended.
Weight solids abt. 42 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 580 g/l
Gloss Semi-gloss
Drying time – forced drying 60°C / 15min
Thinner Standard dilution: 2129 Teknosolv 6740
Clean up Standard dilution: 2129 Teknosolv 6740
Gloss value Glänzend