Socle coating

  • UV resistant
  • Water-borne

SILOKSAN SOCLE socle coating is a water-borne silicone emulsion / acrylate coating that has very good "breathing" properties and that is water-repellent. Maximum grain size is about 2 mm. Finish: full-matt.

Use: Outdoors on new and old mortar-finished block socles. Can also be used for previously painted socles. SILOKSAN SOCLE is easy to apply and form to the desired profile. Due to the binder composition of the coating, UV radiation or heat does not make it brittle. SILOKSAN SOCLE has very good hiding power, and because of its water-repellent properties it gives a lasting protection. Stirring thins the coating.

Surface preparation

NEW SURFACES: Crevices in new block socle surfaces are filled with a plaster suitable for the object and the socle is straightened with a plaster suitable for the object. Make sure before starting the application that all loose material has been removed and that the finishing plaster is dry enough. When pressing with a nail on hardened plaster that has been moistened, this must leave no mark. Concrete elements are left to dry for one heating season before they are painted with SILOKSAN SOCLE. Remove all dirt from the surfaces by cleaning with high pressure washer. When needed, add sand to the washing water or use a steel brush or similar in order to achieve sufficient surface profile (e.g. mould-cast surfaces). NOTE! When painting concrete elements take care of removing the laitance before painting. When handling substrates containing asbestos, regulations given by authorities must be followed. PREVIOUSLY PAINTED SURFACES: Remove flaking and poorly adherent or pulverized (e.g. lime wash) paint coats from previously painted surfaces. The method to be used is chosen depending on the strength of the substrate and the type of the paint to be removed (e.g. wire-brushing, hot pressurized-water cleaning or water-sand cleaning). Remove also poorly adherent, brittle plaster and concrete surfaces. Painted mould-cast surfaces must be roughened in order to achieve a sufficient surface profile. Check the condition of concrete seams and repair where required. If concrete constructions have cracks by the reinforcement bars, these cracks are to be opened by e.g. chipping or with a grinding machine. After this the concrete is roughened, if required. Clean all rust from the exposed steel bars and protect them with a plaster suitable for the object. Repair opened cracks, notches and crevices to the level of the surrounding surface. Use for the repair a suitable filling plaster and finish if required with a suitable finishing plaster. The curing of the repairs is cared for and the repairs are allowed to dry for a minimum of 2 weeks before application of the coating.


Stir the coating cautiously before use. Too vigorous stirring thins the coating and may make it more difficult to apply. Reserve a sufficient amount of coating of the same batch for each uniform surface to prevent possible colour differences. If different batches must be used, possible seams between the batches are placed as inconspicuously as possible and are painted with a mixture of paint from both batches (e.g. 1:1). Apply the coating on the socle with a metal trowel or a mortar pump and grind the surface immediately with a smooth plastic grinding trowel. If the plastic trowel does not glide smoothly, then there is too much coating on the surface. Remove excessive coating with a metal trowel and grind again.

Application conditions

During the application and drying period the temperature of the air, the surface and the coating must be over +5 °C for a period of at least a week, and the relative air humidity must be below 80 %. Avoid application in direct sunlight, strong wind and rain.


Must not freeze.
Solids abt. 67 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/c): 40 g/l. The product's VOC: max. 40 g/l.
Gloss Full-matt
Tinting system Teknomix
Density abt. 2 g/ml
Practical spreading rate 0.5 - 0.8 m²/l
Drying time - overcoatable The following day.
Thinner Water.
Clean up Water.
Colours Base paints 1 (white) and 3, which can be tinted to obtain the shades in Exteriour Colour Card.
Packages Base paints 1 and 3: 9 l.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates CE marking,Finnish Key Flag