Socle paint

  • Water-borne

SAKU is a dispersion paint for concrete surfaces.

Intended for painting socles and concrete buttresses. The paint has good resistance against the alkalinity of concrete and being "breathing" it allows moisture to escape from the concrete.

Technical data sheet

Safety data sheet

Product colour chart

Surface preparation

Concrete surfaces: Remove all dirt and old, flaking paint coats. Remove calcium salts by washing the surface with BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS Etching Liquid (diluted with water 1 : 1). After etching rinse the surface with water and let it dry. Do not paint the concrete until the seepage of calcium salts from the concrete has ceased. If the salt formation continues, e.g. due to inadequate damp-proofing, painting is not recommended. Metal parts: Clean galvanized surfaces from dirt and grease. Wire-brush rusty areas and prime them with FERREX.


Stir the paint thoroughly before use. Reserve a sufficient amount of paint in the same vessel for each uniform surface. Thus you can avoid colour differences. Prime clean and solid mineral surfaces with SAKU socle paint. For strongly absorbent surfaces dilute the paint 5-10% by volyme with clean water. Top coating with undiluted SAKU socle paint. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray. Suitable nozzle for airless spray is 0.017 - 0.021". Clean all equipment with water immediately after use. Wash away any splashes or stains of paint at once before they get dry.

Application conditions

The temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the paint shall be at least +5 °C. Application can be done in damp weather, but this will lengthen the drying time.


Must not freeze.
Solids abt. 38 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/c): 40 g/l. The product´s VOC: max. 40 g/l.
Gloss Matt
Tinting system Teknomix
Density abt. 1.3 g/ml
Practical spreading rate
Drying time – touch dry after 30 minutes
Thinner Water.
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use with detergent and warm water.
Packages Base paints 1 and 3: 0,9 L, 2,7 L, 9 L
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.
Approvals & certificates CE marking