Protection Against Mildew

  • Wood-discoloring fungi resistant (Mold, Blue Stain)

RENSA ANTI-MOULD kills mildew, lichen and algae growth from external surfaces of buildings. It is easy to spray on e.g. tile and felt roof, stone paving, brick wall or fence and let the growth be removed by the effects of weather. RENSA ANTI-MOULD disinfects the surface and gives a long-term protection.

RENSA ANTI-MOULD can be used on all constructional surfaces, which endure cleaning with water: wood, concrete, bitumen sheet, plaster etc. and old painted surfaces. It works extremely well on porous surfaces where it gets to absorb in, e.g. concrete roof tiles and paving tiles, bitumen roofing felt, plaster, press-impregnated wood. RENSA ANTI-MOULD can also be used together with RENSA FACADE facade cleaner on pre-treating badly mildew growth contaminated surfaces before they are repainted. RENSA ANTI-MOULD is a biodegradable product. It meets the requirements by OECD and by the Detergent regulation of European Parliament and the Council on detergents for biodegradability of all used raw material (OECD 301B, EC 648 / 2004).

Technical data sheet

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Remove loose dirt and other matter from the surface by e.g. brushing. Apply protection against mildew to the surface to be cleaned by using e.g. a brush or low-pressure spray (so-called garden spray). Do not rinse. Weathering actions, wind and rain will remove dead and dried growth. Wet the porous and absorbing surfaces with water before cleaning. Apply protection against mildew to the surface to be cleaned by using e.g. a brush or low-pressure spray (so-called garden spray). Let it act for abt. 2 days. After that wash the surface with RENSA FACADE facade cleaner.


Must not freeze.

Special precautions

RENSA ANTI-MOULD is an efficient product. Therefore, using the protection against mildew must be followed with a reasonable caution. Avoid skin contact and breathing the spray mist. Protect eyes from splashes. More information from product’s safety data sheet. The protection against mildew may harm garden plants – avoid splashing. Plants can be covered or wetted with water before the treatment. Detergent does not harm the most common building surfaces, but avoid unnecessary splashing.
pH 10
Dilution For surface protection and pre-treating before painting: 1 : 5 (1 litre of detergent to 5 litres of water). For very dirty/mildewed surfaces: 1 : 2.
Thinner Water.
Packages 1 l, 5 l.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.
Approvals & certificates OECD 301B, EC 648 / 2004