METRO 9110-00

Universal paint stripper

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METRO 9110-00 is a paste-like universal paint stripper which is highly effective against practically all application materials in the coating trade. The product does not leave any discolouration on the wood.

Surface preparation

Every substrate must be well-cleaned, dry and free from grease and oil.


Shake or stir product well before use.

Application conditions

Recommended temperature for surroundings and product: +15°C-25°C. Do not apply below +10°C.


Storage temperature is +5°C - +30°C. Store in a tightly closed container.

To speed up the stripping process, we recommend thoroughly sanding/scratching the surface to be stripped with 80-100 grain sandpaper before applying METRO 9110-00. Cover large areas with plastic film (PE) to optimise the stripping effect. Check the effect from time to time. Stripped layers should be removed with a stainless steel spatula. Do not use metal-steel pads. Use solvent-resistant plastic non-woven cloths. Repeat the procedure if necessary. After removal of the old coating, clean the surface with REINIGER 4559-98 (removal of residual coating stripper etc.). Then let the wood dry thoroughly. New application with sanded finish.
Weight solids abt. 61 % by weight
Theoretical spreading rate 500 g/m²; 2 m²/kg
Density abt. 0.986 g/ml
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use. REINIGER 4559-98
Colours Colourless.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.