Decorative textured coating

  • Water-borne

An acrylate-dispersion based, light textured paint. Grain size medium (EN 13300).

KOLIBRI SAND is used to decorate wall and ceiling surfaces in dry spaces indoors. It is also moisture resistant enough to be used on mineral surfaces in slightly damp spaces, e.g. fire division walls in saunas. KOLIBRI SAND can be applied onto new or previously painted concrete, plaster, stopper, brick and building board surfaces.

Surface preparation

Clean new surfaces from dust and dirt. For smoothing of irregularities in the surface choose a suitable stopper from the SILORA series. The dried stopper is sanded down and the dust removed. Building board and stopper surfaces are primed with BIORA 3 Primer. Solid mineral surfaces, such as brick and concrete surfaces, can be treated directly with KOLIBRI SAND. Rusting steel surfaces are primed with FERREX AQUA Anticorrosive paint. Wash dirty previously painted surfaces with RENSA SUPER paint cleaner. Matt down hard and/or gloss surfaces by sanding and thereafter remove the dust. For smoothing of irregularities in the surface choose a suitable stopper from the SILORA series. The dried stopper is sanded down and the dust removed.


Stir KOLIBRI SAND thoroughly before use to ensure correct rolling and patterning properties. The coating can be diluted with water, if needed. Apply the coating by paint roller, brush or steel spatula. Pattern the surface freely with e.g. fancy roller, comb, paintbrush, brush or rubber spatula. Treat the surface that is to be coated continuously in order to avoid working joints: apply and pattern the coating without interruption in such areas or stripes that the coating doesn´t dry during the application. Surface treated with KOLIBRI SAND can be overcoated with Teknos interior paints, e.g. paints from BIORA series, if the colour is wished to be changed or the durability to be improved.

Application conditions

The surface to be coated must be dry. The temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the coating shall be above +10 °C and the relative air humidity below 80 % during the application and drying period. Good ventilation during the application and drying period quickens the drying process.


The final forming of the paint film takes abt. 4 weeks under normal circumstances and after that the ultimate durability and hardness is reached. Before this the painted surface must be treated with care. The painted surface can be cleaned by light wiping. Use a damp cleaning cloth, soft sponge or similar for cleaning. Avoid coarse brushing or heavy abrasion.


Must be stored tightly closed and kept cool. MUST NOT FREEZE.
Solids abt. 48 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) EU VOC limit value (kat A/l): 200 g/l. The product´s VOC: max. 200 g/l.
Gloss Full-matt
Tinting system Teknomix
Density abt. 1.1 g/ml
Thinner Water.
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use with detergent and warm water.
Heat resistance +85 °C
Packages Base paints 1 and 3: 2,5 L, 8,33 L.
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.
Approvals & certificates Finnish Key Flag