Anti-graffiti polyurethane powder

  • Anti-graffiti
  • Chemical resistant
  • Powder coating

INFRALIT PUR 8450-10 is a Polyurethane Powder coating that at elevated temperature melts, cures and forms the final paint films.

INFRALIT PUR 8450-10 is suitable for use on steel and aluminium objects that require special resistance to chemicals and washing.

INFRALIT PUR 8450-10 is an anti-graffiti paint. It forms a very hard and smooth film that is easy to clean from graffiti. The powder coating retains its original gloss and colour even after repeated cleaning.

Gloss Gloss
Recommended film thickness Recommended film thickness is 60 - 100 µm.
Curing time 10 min/200°C (metal temperature)
Gloss value 76-84