Polyester powder

  • Powder coating

INFRALIT PE 8949-12 is a powder coating that is TGIC-free and based on polyester resin.

Suitable for use on steel and aluminium objects indoors and outdoors.

INFRALIT PE 8949-12 forms a mechanically and chemically resistant, smooth paint film which will not yellow and which protects from UV-light. The powders are produced with the Powder Mix Colour Service principle. The powders are available on very short delivery time. The typical batch size is 5 - 100 kg. The powders are not suitable for recycling. The powders are designed for corona-charging spray, and therefore their suitability for tribo-charging sprays cannot be guaranteed.

Technical data sheet

Recommended film thickness As a principal rule, the recommended film thickness is 75 - 110 µm. When using hammer finish and semimatt powders, it is possible that even higher film thicknesses have to be used in order to achieve acceptable results. This is the case especially with yellow and red shades. The optimal film thickness must then be defined case-specifically by test applications.
Surface type Structured/hammer finish
Curing time 10 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Gloss value -