Polyester powder

  • Powder coating

INFRALIT PE 8921-09 polyester powder is based on polyester resin free of TGIC. At elevated temperatures the powder melts, cures and forms the final paint film.

Suitable for objects which require a highly weather-resistant coating, especially for coating of aluminium objects.

INFRALIT PE 8921-09 forms a mechanically and chemically resistant paint film which has good corrosion resistance and good colour stability and gloss retention also in outdoor conditions. Variant PE 8921-09 is a metallic or pearlescent colour designed for corona charging spray. Qualicoat approval number P-1000, Cat. 1, Cl. 1.

Recommended film thickness Recommended film thickness is 60 - 100 µm.
Spraying CORONA
Surface type Textured effect, with gloss of 5 - 15.
Curing time 15-25 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Approvals & certificates Qualicoat approval, class 1
Gloss value 5-15