Polyester powder

  • Powder coating

INFRALIT PE 8350-07 is a TGIC-free polyester powder based on polyester resin. At elevated temperatures the powder melts, cures and forms the final paint film.

Suitable for objects which require a weather-resistant coating, especially for coating of aluminium objects.

INFRALIT PE 8350-07 forms a mechanically and chemically resistant paint film which has good corrosion resistance and good colour stability and gloss retention also in outdoor conditions. PE 8350-07 is a pearlescent shade. GSB material licence. Registration number 145b. Qualicoat approval number P-0412, Cat. 3, Cl. 1. Quality-System Approval (Module D) number EUFI29-19001263-MED and EC Type-Examination Certificate (Module B) number EUFI29-19003427-MED according to Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU). Group M1 in Emission Classification of building materials. EN 45545-2:2013+A1:2015 Fire protection on railway vehicles. Requirement sets R1, R7, R10 & R17 - Hazard levels HL1, HL2 & HL3. EN 13501-1 : 2007 + A1:2009 Fire classification of construction products and building elements - Part 1: A2 - s1- d0.

Gloss Gloss
Curing time 10-25 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Approvals & certificates EN 13501-1,EN 45545-2,GSB Standard licence,M1 classification,Marine Equipment Approval (Module D),Marine Equipment Approval (Module B),Qualicoat approval, class 1
Gloss value 65-85