Epoxy/polyester powder

  • Powder coating

INFRALIT EP/PE 8141-00 is a powder coating based on epoxy and polyester resin, which at elevated temperatures will melt, cure and form the final paint film.

Suitable for coating metal industry products, such as lighting fixtures, apparatuses, wire gratings and refrigerating fixtures.

The mechanical and chemical resistance and the anticorrosive properties of INFRALIT EP/PE 8141-00 Epoxy/Polyester Powder are almost equal to those of epoxies. On outdoor exposure INFRALIT EP/PE 8141-00, like epoxy/polyester powders in general, has a tendency towards matting down (chalking) similar to that of pure epoxies. On the other hand, its tendency to yellow on over baking and exposure to ultraviolet light is minor as compared with epoxy powders.

Recommended film thickness When using the EP/PE 8141 Powder, find the suitable film thickness with test application for each specific powder. The minimal film thickness is typically 70 µm or more.
Surface type effect resembling sandpaper
Curing time 10 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Gloss value 5-13