Semiconductive epoxy/polyester powder

  • Conductive (ESD)
  • Powder coating

INFRALIT EP/PE 8092-03 is a powder coating based on epoxy and polyester resin, which at elevated temperatures melts, cures and forms a semiconductive paint film.

INFRALIT EP/PE 8092-03 is developed for areas within the electronics industry where static electricity forms a problem.

The surface resistance of INFRALIT EP/PE 8092-03 is 1,0 - 10 MOhm depending on a film thickness and with 100 voltage. The resultant paint film has excellent mechanical properties, i.e. abrasion, impact resistance and elasticity. The paint film is not scratched easily and withstands action by chemicals, greases and solvents. The anticorrosive properties are also good.

Curing time 15 min/180°C (metal temperature)
Gloss value 60-70