Epoxy coating

  • Corrosion protective
  • Friction reduction
  • Immersion resistant
  • Wear resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Coating
  • 2-component

INERTA 200 is a two-pack epoxy coating almost free of solvent and based on liquid epoxy resin.

Used on steel in Epoxy Coating System K39. Also suitable for concrete.

When fully cured, INERTA 200 is completely odourless and tasteless and it does not contain components harmful to health. Thus it can be used on surfaces in food industry, e.g. in tanks for potable water and corn silos (statements ELI 0231 and ELI 0232 by the Technical Research Centre of Finland). There is also available a test protocol issued by GSEN (No. 625, 14 June 2000) concerning the suitability of the coating for use on potable water tanks. INERTA 200 provides excellent resistance to abrasion and good adhesion to steel (blast-cleaned to grade Sa 2½) as well as to aluminium and concrete. It has good resistance to water, chemical solutions and grease, and certain solvents even on immersion. In water immersion the temperature must not rise above +40°C. For other chemicals the highest temperature allowed is defined individually. The coating is applied by twin-feed spray, whereby a film thickness of 500 µm is achieved in one application.

Technical data sheet

Solids abt. 96 % by volume
Total mass of solids abt. 1400 g/l
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 40 g/l
Pot life 20 min. (+23 °C)
Mixing ratio 2:1 by volume (comp. A : comp. B)
Hardener Comp. B: INERTA 200 HARDENER
Gloss Gloss
Drying time – dust free after 3 h
Drying time – touch dry after 6 h
Drying time – fully cured after 7 d
Clean up TEKNOSOLV 6060 for food-processing areas, for other objects TEKNOSOLV 9506.
Approvals & certificates VTT (Finland)