Parquet putty

  • Filler

Water-borne, ready to use putty for parquet and wooden floors.

For filling gaps in parquet and wooden floors before sanding and applying water-borne primer or topcoat.

Surface preparation

The wood surface must be dry, well sanded and free from sanding dust and other dirt.


Mix the putty in the container with a drill paddle and pour the required amount of putty on the floor. Thin with a primer lacquer, if too thick. If too thin, add some sanding dust. Spread the putty with a steel trowel using crosswise strokes. Repeat if needed.

Application conditions

The temperature of the ambient air, the surface and the putty shall be +18 - 24°C and relative air humidity 40 - 60% during the application and drying period. The moisture content of the wood should be 7 ±2 % by weight.


Storage time: in unopened containers, above +1°C, for 1 year. MUST NOT FREEZE.
Solids abt. 62 % by volume
Volatile organic compound (VOC) The product is not included in the EU VOC directive.
Density abt. 1.5 g/ml
Clean up Wash the equipment immediately after use with water and RENSA BRUSH brush cleaner.
Packages Birch and oak: 1 l, 10 l.
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.
Approvals & certificates M1 classification,Finnish Key Flag