Etching liquid

BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS Etching Liquid is an acidic, emulsifying washing liquid for etching concrete floors. BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS Etching Liquid is a quick and easy way to remove laitance from the surfaces to be painted.

BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS reacts with the alkali concrete laitance, which neutralizes the containing hydrochloric acid. The reaction will form water and salts, that can be rinsed off with water. BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS contains also an emulsifier that will add to the product´s cleaning ability. BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS and the following water rinse will remove from the concrete floor the laitance and the dirt, surface grease and chalk-salts that would hinder the painting. The product will not remove grease and oil that has absorbed into the pores, but they are to be removed e.g. by sanding or grinding. The product is not suited for washing previously painted surfaces. BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS is also suitable to use for cleaning brick, tile, stone and wooden surfaces from concrete and plaster remnants after plastering and grouting.

contains hydrochloric acid

Technical data sheet


Etching concrete surfaces: BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS is to be diluted in a plastic container with water in proportion 1:1. Metal containers will corrode by the effects of the acid. The washing solution is to be poured evenly on the floor by a watering can equipped with sprinkler. Thus the laitance will dissolve frothing strongly. To help the solution to spread evenly use a brush. If the laitance is thick use more of the solution. Diluted washing solution is needed about 0.5 - 1.0 l/m². Leave BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS to have effect for about 5 min, whereafter the formed neutral salt solution is brushed into the floor drain. Otherwise collect the silt into a bucket by the help of dustpan and rubber trowel. The etched area is to be rinsed immediately with water and the water is to be collected away. When the floor has dried for 2 - 3 days, it is ready to be painted. Washing brick surfaces: The area to be washed is to be wetted with water before applying the washing solution, lest the solution should absorb into the brick. BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS diluted with water in proportion 1 :1 is applied by brush onto the area to be washed. Leave the washing solution to take effect for 5 - 10 min, thereafter rinse with water. Washing tile surfaces: BETONI-PEITTAUSLIUOS is to be diluted with water in proportion 1 : 1 or 1 : 2. Wash the tiles with a cloth wetted in the washing solution one by one, so as the solution would not get into the seams and corrode them. In the end thorough rinse with water is to be done.
pH 1
Thinner Water.
Colours red
Safety markings See Safety Data Sheet.