Primer for flow coating / dipping

  • Water-borne
  • Primer

ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901-63, a water-borne industrial primer for new wood designated for exterior use such as windows and doors.

ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901-63 can be applied by flow coat or dipping. ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901-63 will typically be applied on hardwood, which for non-durable hardwood has been pretreated with a Wood Preservative. To obtain the correct film thickness to reduce surface discoloration caused by tannins in the hardwood, a subsequent treatment with one layer of ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901-12 is required.

ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901-63 reduces surface discoloration caused by tannins in hardwood.

Surface preparation

The wood must be free from wood dust and contamination. The moisture content of the wood should be approx. 13% and should not exceed 15%. Pretreatment is required for wood substrates not meeting Durability Class 3, EN 350:2016. Teknos has a range of preservative products meeting the requirements of EN 599-1, please contact Teknos for further guidance.

Application conditions

Stir thoroughly before use. Optimum temperature for products and surroundings: +18°C - +22°C. Optimum relative air humidity: Approx. 50%. Due to evaporation, the solid content of the liquid must be adjusted with water regularly. Wet film range – achieved by 2 x flow coat: 75-100 µm.


Storage temperature is +5°C - +30°C. Shelf life in unopened containers: See “Best before date” on the label. Keep containers tightly closed after use.
Weight solids abt. 34 % by weight
Volatile organic compound (VOC) abt. 39 g/l
Theoretical spreading rate 5-7 m²/l
Clean up Water.
Colours Colourless.
Packages Available in a range of standard pack sizes.
Safety markings See safety data sheet.