Easy application and superior appearance with new high solids direct-to-metal polyurethane paint TEKNODUR COMBI 340

Teknos has launched a new two-component, direct-to-metal polyurethane paint TEKNODUR COMBI 340 for corrosion protection, with excellent mechanical abrasion and weather resistance and uncompromising colour and gloss retention. In its category, TEKNODUR COMBI 340 is a very high solids and low VOC product. Developed in close cooperation with our customer, the new steel coating allows painting wet on wet with selected primers, boosting production and enabling faster throughput time for 2-layer systems with only one-time curing.

Steel coating ideal for multiple industries

TEKNODUR COMBI 340 is a coating suitable for steel surfaces, and an excellent choice in terms of surface appearance for machines and equipment operated in agriculture, forestry and steel construction, among other industries.

Close customer cooperation in product development

The new product was developed together in very close cooperation with our customer, ensuring that needs are answered the best possible way. According to customer statements, TEKNODUR 340 paint film sprays very evenly and closely resembles a powder-coated surface in terms of its stable gloss, hardness and appearance, having excellent mechanical, chemical and weather resistance properties.

TEKNODUR COMBI 340 main qualities in short:

  • Excellent weather resistance, outstanding gloss and colour retention
  • Low viscosity and high solids content 70 vol-%, decreased VOC emissions
  • Direct-to-metal, fast production lead-time
  • Wet on wet painting with selected primers faster throughput for 2-layer systems and reduced energy consumption
  • Available as glossy, semi-gloss and semi-matt options as well as a lower viscosity version for electrostatic spraying
  • Gloss level up to 90 GU/60°

Industrial paint can from Teknos


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“We have had no quality problems since we started using the 340. With this product it is possible to get as high as C4 medium with a one-layer system. Adhesion has been excellent and we are very happy with the surface quality as well as corrosion protection the product provides.”

Hannu Tarvainen, Surface Treatment Specialist, Ponsse Oyj

“We are very pleased with the 340, since it is easy to apply, the finish is smooth and very hard. The appearance is almost as good as with powder coatings. We are also happy with the technical support and customer service we get from Teknos.” 

Heikki Ketola, Vilakone Oy