New Teknos trainees 2022 have joined the company

Say hello to our new Teknos trainees of 2022!

Merikke, Paula, Christina, Jarkko, and Sanni

This amazing group of young professionals have all joined the company between March and June, and they will be contributing their knowledge for the company as trainees for five to seven months, varying slightly based on their work contract. This year, Teknos has employed a total of five trainees to work in different business units, either in local or group function. Trainees of this year have been selected to work in HR, Communications, Procurement, HSEQ, and QEHS related topics.

Every year Teknos offers different work possibilities for several young people to kick start their career paths, locally and globally. Let’s hear where our trainees come from this year!

Merikke Pasanen, Group Communications Trainee

Hi there! I am a master level student from the University of Jyväskylä, School of Business and Economics. I am soon about to finish my master’s degree in Digital Marketing and Corporate Communication. Last April I have started as a Group Communications Trainee at Teknos, and my traineeship will last for six months. I am the most passionate about modern strategies and methods of communication and marketing and, therefore, I am really excited to get the possibility to work with these topics this summer. My days will mainly consist of various projects related to internal and external communication, cooperating with different international business units, writing different social media posts, and running a brand ambassador program for the company. I have always loved to work closely with different people, so I am very pleased to be able to work in such a low-hierarchical Finnish family company. I am really looking forward to the upcoming months and getting to see what the future will bring with this fantastic opportunity!

Paula Sajaniemi, Teknos Oy HSEQ Trainee

I study environmental engineering and safety management at Tampere University. I work in the local HSEQ function, and I am really excited about the themes we work on - after all, it's about the different dimensions of sustainability in our operations, thus it's easy to find the work meaningful. This summer, I will be working on versatile projects and tasks, and I expect to gain more experience especially in quality management and process development, environmental impact assessments, audit practices and risk and opportunity management. I am looking forward to learning a lot from the various experts here in Teknos and having a chance to bring new insights to the work we do.

Christina Papadimou, Group QEHS Trainee

I am a safety, security, and risk management professional with an experience in human well-being and compliance. Through my traineeship in Teknos, I have the opportunity to utilize my skills in areas of importance, where employees and their safety is the number one priority. I am pleased that Teknos trusted me with key areas of development of the Group HSEQ. A valuable lesson for me is in advancing my understanding of the complicated matter of safety culture and behavioral adaptations as a collaborative effort. As small fractures of influence have the power to change the whole picture, those pieces are in the hands of every one of us in Teknos. Meaning that all of our interactions count, whether short or lengthy, and there are contributors to safety and honesty. With that said, I invite anyone who is reading this to contact me freely with whatever inquiry, comment, or constructive feedback about HSEQ.  

Jarkko Jalovaara, Group Procurement Trainee

Hi! I’m currently completing my master’s degree at Aalto University School of Science with a major in Systems and Operations Research. This summer I will be working with various projects related to the group level procurement process, such as integrating a new procurement analytics tool to improve data-driven decision-making. I’m looking forward to utilizing my IT and data analytics skills in a business environment while working with a diverse group of talented people from different backgrounds. I’m sure the upcoming summer will be a challenging, yet truly rewarding experience for all of us! 

Sanni Koskinen, Group HR Trainee 

Hello! I have just graduated from University of Turku with a master's degree in Education. I joined Teknos as Group HR trainee in March and my traineeship will last for 8 months. My main project for the summer is to support the implementation of a new HR system. So far, my journey here at Teknos has offered an opportunity to get to know the HR field wider, work in an international environment and take on versatile tasks. I’m looking forward to working with and learning from professionals and developing my skills further. I am proud to be able to start my success story here and look forward to the upcoming months! 

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