Cynthia Stewart appointed as new Managing Director for Teknos US

Cynthia Stewart is appointed as the new Managing Director of Teknos US as of 8th September 2022. Cynthia has acted as Finance and HR manager at Teknos US as of November 2018. 


“With Cynthia’s lead, I expect that we will be able to further work on our US market profitability. Cynthia combines dynamic leadership with analytical, strategic thinking. Her people-focused and involving leadership style is well aligned with Teknos values and culture. With this combination, I expect that we can enhance our performance. I wish her success in her new role.”, Paula Salastie, Teknos Group CEO and the owner says. 

Cynthia has worked over almost 4 years in Teknos and has acted as a Finance and HR Manager before taking the next step as Managing Director. She combines strategic thinking and a strong people orientation to reach targets. Though she has a financial mindset, she focuses on the full value chain whilst keeping a strong eye on the customers. 

Before being Finance and HR manager at Teknos, Cynthia primarily held finance positions for over the last 10 years with prior experience focusing on Sales, Customer Service, and HR in different industries. 

Current MD Friedrich Herold is leaving the company as of September 7th, 2022.   

Friedrich joined Teknos US as the Managing Director in October 2019. 

“I would like to thank Friedrich for his engagement and efforts for the US in these difficult times, and I wish him all the best for his future”, Paula Salastie says.   


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