Teknos Group joins information campaign #CoatingsNeedPreservatives by The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink, and Artist’s Colours Industry (CEPE). ​

Millions of coatings and coated products are facing a significant challenge over the future availability of preservatives.​ Teknos Group has joined the CEPE information campaign in support of the industry and lasting waterborne products.

Our sustainability ambitions mean, that we are continuously focusing our development on waterborne, long lasting solutions. Waterborne coatings need preservatives to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the paint can - without preservatives, there will be an increase in wasted products. Moreover, many coated products need protection to prolong the lifespan of the coated surface and without preservatives, there is a need for more frequent repainting, as covered surfaces will be more exposed to degradation. ​ 
Today, only a handful of preservatives remain available for our industry and the situation is expected to deteriorate further. Thus, through participation in the information campaign we would like to draw attention to the need for amendment to the current EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), which is the mechanism that regulates preservatives. ​ 
For more information please visit www.cepe.org and our LinkedIn profile.  

Campaign website

For more information please visit campaign website on www.cepe.org and our LinkedIn profile.