Teknos supports new employees with mentoring – “Excellent opportunity whether you are a young or a well-experienced professional”

At Teknos, we want to make choices that carry also for future generations. As a part of this commitment, Teknos regularly offers opportunities for career development to young professionals. These Early Career Mover opportunities are aimed to young people at the beginning of their careers. Teknos aims that by 2025 all Teknos locations globally offer Early Career Mover opportunities.

Early Career Mover activities consist of a variety of options to build professional skills and onboard into the work life, and opportunities for future generations to make a difference in their own societies. These include, for example, traineeships and apprenticeships. This year Teknos Group’s HR team piloted mentoring directed to trainees. As a part of this mentoring a trainee gets a mentor in addition to their line manager to support their professional development for the duration of the traineeship. The mentoring of a trainee was piloted by a trainee Daniella Haaga and her mentor, HR Specialist Annika Jokinen.

“At Teknos, line managers are traditionally responsible for guiding the trainees. This year in Teknos Group’s HR team we decided to enhance the support our trainee receives. The idea arose when we considered whether someone else could provide support to our new employee in addition to the team leader. I’m happy to see this way of working has been sampled in other teams as well this year, and hopefully this will be the case in the future as well,” Annika Jokinen sums up the process.

Traineeships provide readiness for work life

This year, Daniella Haaga, a master's student in management and organization, worked for Teknos Group as a HR trainee from March to the end of August. After her traineeship Daniella has continued in the company while finishing up her studies. Later she will write her master thesis to Teknos. Like Daniella, many young professionals have continued at Teknos after the trainee program.

“I have had my own project from the beginning of my traineeship. In my work I have been able to utilize my study background and previous experience. I have elaborated my project management and interpersonal skills and learned to use new systems. Even though my work has been very independent, and I have had clear responsibilities, I have received ongoing guidance and support during my traineeship,” Daniella lists the lessons learned from her traineeship.

HR specialist Annika Jokinen also started her Teknos career as a trainee. Now, a few years later, Annika was positioned as Daniella’s mentor during her traineeship.

“I have been really pleased with Teknos as a workplace that invests in the development of its employees. In my role, I focus on personnel development, especially in the form of online training and leadership training,” Annika tells about her work at Teknos.

Mentoring was useful for both the mentor and the mentee

At the heart of the mentoring relationship are weekly one-to-one meetings. These meetings focus on the needs of the mentee and their professional growth.

“Annika’s job was to be present and available in my daily work. Weekly meetings were an important part of my professional development. The atmosphere in these meetings was safe, and I felt like no questions I asked were considered stupid. The meetings helped me to strengthen and clarify my professional approach to working life. I also gained a lot of confidence as an expert,” Daniella says.

Although the mentoring focused on supporting the new employee, it also benefited the mentor.

“As a young expert, I have been able to develop my leadership skills in a concrete way by acting as a coach and a mentor to Daniella. I have enhanced my listening, coaching, and problem-solving skills. The discussions have also served as a sounding board for my own ideas,” Annika describes the mentoring.

In many ways, the mentoring reflects the emphasis Teknos has in people development and providing opportunities to future generations. 

“I felt encouraged to invest time on my professional development. This was an important and rewarding experience for both of us, from both professional and personal development perspective. We became close friends with Annika which I am very happy about,” says Daniella.

“Mentoring is an excellent opportunity, whether you are a young professional or a more experienced professional. I strongly recommend that also other teams give it a try,” Annika summarizes.


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