DIPA Symposium 2021: The program is set

The program for the second DIPA Symposium has been fixed. The Digital Printing Association (DIPA) conference on surface design with digital printing will bring together international experts and users from the industry on September 29, 2021, to highlight current trends on the topic of "Create your own Surface," report on experiences, and provide space for exchange and networking. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the conference will be held as a hybrid event in Hannover this year. The presentations in German and English language will be translated simultaneously and they as well as the panel discussions will be streamed live from the H'Up in Hall 18 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds. Registrations for participation in the conference - both in presence on site in Hanover and via live stream - are now open online.

The program consists of three thematic blocks, introduced by an opening keynote speech by Steffen Ort on the subject of "From product to ecosystem: success criteria for digital surface decoration".  The process and innovation expert for digital print projects, will shed light on the ingredients required for successful digital print projects: business model, online connectivity, color and quality management, print technology


Session „Inks & Chemistry“

The program for the lecture block "Inks & Chemistry" will start with a contribution from Christina Baumann, Head of Decorative Film Coatings, Plantag Coatings, whose presentation will look at technology trends in the field of finish foil coatings. She will highlight the opportunities that new raw materials and curing technologies can offer the finish foil industry.

Sustainability and technology trends from the coatings industry are the focus of the contribution by Tuomas Aspiala, Commercial Manager Innovations, and Yannik Hofmann, Business Development Manager Flooring & Flat Panel, Teknos Group. They discuss how new regulations and growing demands on the sustainability of industrial coatings and processes are creating new opportunities and challenges for producers and operators of UV coatings.

What about sustainability in the ink sector? Are there special outdoor inks and what needs to be considered here? Dr. Stefan Kappaun, Executive Vice President Inks and Fluids, Durst Group, will explain this in his presentation " Status ink development on the topics of sustainability, respectively outdoor area". Dr. Simon Leimgruber, Head of R&D Exterior Industrial Coatings, ADLER-Werk Lackfabrik, will then discuss the future outdoor market with digitally printed surfaces.

The lecture block ends with a panel discussion. Dr. Simon Leimgruber,  Dr. Stefan Kappaun, Christina Baumann and Yannik Hofmann will exchange their views on current trends and sustainability. The participants of the symposium are invited to discuss with the experts of the panel.


Session “Decor Design & Development”

The following session will focus on "Decor Design & Development". Robert Bierfreund, COO, Interprint GmbH, will present the development of new standards for digital decor printing. He will provide an insight into the complexities involved, in order to define the common requirements for a standard. Adrian Marczak, Head of Decor Development/Digital Printing, Surteco Decor, will also address current innovations for decor development in his presentation.

Session „Technology & Software“

The third block of presentations will focus on "Technology & Software". The quality standards in digital decor printing are high and cannot be met with conventional color management approaches. Oliver Guth, Key Account Manager Industrial Printing, ColorGATE Digital Output Solutions, describes state-of-the-art workflows and shows how color and quality can be kept under control when hardware and software play as a team.

In the Q&A session, moderated by Philipp Henry from HOMAG Group, on Singlepass & Multipass from the customer's perspective, Carsten Brinkmeyer, Head of Business Development, Hymmen, and Tomio Kiyose, Business Development Manager, Durst Group, will share their know-how. Again, attendees are invited to discuss with the experts on stage.

Digital printing has become a significant asset as a decoration technology that can be integrated into the coating line. It makes even the shortest print runs profitable, with maximum customization and minimum lead times. These developments will be addressed by Mario Gazzani, Business Development Manager, Cefla Group, in his presentation "In Line Digital Printing".

What is the Yellow Brick Road and what does it have to do with digital printing?

Royce Dodds, Specialist Digital Printing CC Group, EGGER Holzwerkstoffe Brilon, explains what it's all about.

The lecture series will conclude with a presentation by Duncan Ross, Commercial Director, AVA CAD/CAM Group. The expert will address the topic "From Design Development to Proofing to Digital and Analog Production."

The program concludes with a Q&A session.  Finally, moderators Stephanie Wagner, Deutsche Messe Hannover, Philipp Henry, HOMAG Group, and Oliver Lüdtke, ColorGATE, will summarize the results and highlights of the conference day.

DIPA's offer is aimed at all companies involved in the value chain of an individually designed surface. From companies that already use digital printing successfully, to suppliers of machinery or consumables, to other service providers who support the creation of an optimal individual surface.


Interested parties can register to attend the DIPA conference at the following link: www.dipa-surface.com

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Teknos Expert: Tuomas Aspiala

Sustainability and technology trends from the coatings industry are the focus of the contribution by Tuomas Aspiala, Commercial Manager Innovations

Teknos Experten: Yannik Hofmann

Yannik Hofmann, Business Development Manager for Flooring and Flat Panels, will speak at the DIPA Symposium about sustainable curing technologies for UV coatings.