Teknos Feyco produces disinfectant

Teknos Shows Solidarity in Times of Coronavirus​

​We are currently in an extraordinary situation that is extremely demanding for all of us. For Teknos it is important to assume our responsibility for the well-being and health of our employees and the general public.

As disinfectant is currently in short supply, Teknos site in Liechtenstein has decided to make an active contribution to support the supply situation. Since the end of last week, Teknos Feyco has therefore been producing its own disinfectant LENURIC 6732-00 and distributing it at cost price to companies and institutions in the region.

An Innovation of Teknos Employees 

- Since the disinfectant was sold out almost everywhere, we produced some ourselves for our employees, says Lena Wieland, Product Manager of Teknos Feyco AG. 

- After the exceptional approval for disinfectants issued by the federal government, we then decided together to make a solidarity contribution in our region and make the product available to others as well, Lena continues.

Not only does Teknos Feyco show creativity in finding ideas and implementing them, the product name LENURIC also originated from an imaginative approach.

- The product name LENURIC is made up of the names of two employees who played a major role in shaping the idea, says Jakob Knechtli, Managing Director of Teknos Feyco AG.

- I am very proud of all the employees involved and hope that we will be able to make a significant contribution to curbing the spread of the virus, Jakob states.