HygTech Alliance receives further reinforcement

Lojer Group, Finland's leading manufacturer of hospital equipment and medical furniture, has joined the HygTech Alliance.

HygTech Alliance is an alliance of leading Finnish companies. Together, they have created the world’s first holistic hygienic product package for public spaces. The companies in the alliance are convinced that building technology solutions and fittings developed for hygiene management will enable a significant reduction in the rates of hospital-acquired infections and other diseases transmitted through contact.

Joining forces to enter export markets

Abloy, Isku, Korpinen, Oras and Teknos received further reinforcement when Lojer joined the HygTech Alliance at the beginning of April 2017. Lojer Group is Finland's leading manufacturer of and expert in hospital equipment and medical furniture.

Abloy Oy manufactures automatic doors and hygienic Abloy Active products including door handles and pulls, panic bars and cylinder housings. Isku Health is the world's first range of furniture for reducing the spread of infections. The demands of high hygiene are taken into account in Korpinen’s bathroom furniture and other products. Touchless ORAS faucets are hygienic, easy to use and safe, saving both water and energy. 

The Hygtech Alliance's main aim is to support work to prevent infectious diseases and strive to identify solutions to epidemics and global challenges such as pandemics. The companies are also joining forces to enter export markets.

Find out more: www.hygtechalliance.com