Fire safety thanks to state-of-the-art coating technology

Fire-retardant coatings help save lives. Cladding or interior wall panels will be safer with innovative fire-retardant TEKNOSAFE coatings. Industrial producers benefit from classifications according to international building regulations and from the comprehensive expertise of Teknos fire safety specialists.

When there is fire, every second counts. The faster a fire spreads in a building, the less time to save lives. With good reason, authorities in the EU and many other countries set high demands for the fire behaviour of materials used in construction.

This is especially the case for wood. Cladding, wooden floors, staircases or wall and ceiling panels can foster fire in a building. Fire-retardant coatings prevent construction elements from catching and further spreading fire, at least for a limited time. Among traditional solutions are fire-retardant impregnations based on salt. Used on exposed surfaces, however, their protective effect can decrease over time when weathering washes out the fire-retardant ingredient.

Innovative coating technology from Teknos

As an innovative alternative, Teknos has developed fire-retardant coatings based on a ground-breaking technology. When subjected to heat, the coating foams up to form an insulating layer of microporous carbon foam that isolates the construction element and prevents it from catching fire. Compared to traditional impregnations, the protection is much more durable because there is no washing-out effect when exposed to weathering.

Based on this technology, Teknos offers several fire-retardant solutions for different requirements. They have been used for commercial and residential buildings, shopping malls, arenas, airports and outstanding flagship projects in many countries.

Teknos fire-retardant coatings are tested according to a number of standards and regulations including EN13501. With their production certified by a Notified Body, industrial producers of wooden construction elements can use the Teknos systems to receive a CE mark and sell their products all over the EU. Teknos fire protection experts will be happy to help customers with detailed information on classifications, substrates and processing as well as on CE marking.

Fire-retardant coating for timber cladding

Safety for natural interior timber surfaces

TEKNOSAFE primer for unweathered wood-based panels

Fire-retardant coating for timber cladding

When exterior or interior timber façades require a treatment with an opaque fire-retardant coating, FR Façade is the first choice. The most important component of the system is the fire-retardant primer TEKNOSAFE 2407. When subjected to heat, it foams up to an insulating layer.

The system build-up consists of TEKNOSAFE 2407 with a film layer thickness of 350 g/m2, an intermediate treatment with NORDICA ECO 3330 in the factory and a final treatment with NORDICA EKO HOUSE PAINT on the construction site. The system is tested and classified according to international standards and holds a B-s1,d0 classification according to EN 13501-1 for a number of timber façade systems.

Among many other projects, this solution has been used for the flagship project 'Treet’ in Bergen, one of the tallest timber residential buildings in the world. TEKNOSAFE 2407 protects the weathered glulam construction that impressively spans 14 floors.

Safety for natural interior timber surfaces

For unweathered surfaces, Teknos offers the colourless fire-retardant system FR Panel. Typical applications include interior wall boards, corridors, stairwells, etc. The solution is based on the fire-retardant colourless coat TEKNOSAFE 2467-00. Just like the other TEKNOSAFE solutions, it foams up to an insulating layer of microporous carbon foam when subjected to heat.

Application is possible both with or without an additional colourless top coat. TEKNOSAFE 2467-00 is applied with 200 g/m2, the recommended colourless top coat is 100 g/m2 of TEKNOCLEAR AQUA 1331-01. Both build-ups hold a B-s1,d0 classification on timber surfaces according to D-s2,d0.

Teknos FR Panel is a state-of-the-art coating solution that opens up new windows of opportunity for architects and building contractors. It allows natural interior timber surfaces even in applications subject to strict fire regulations. A prime example is the impressive foyer of the AccorHotels Arena in Paris. It features 6,000 square metres of acoustic panels made from 75,000 running metres of oak slats treated with TEKNOSAFE 2467 - a perfect entrance for one of the largest indoor arenas in the world.

TEKNOSAFE primer for unweathered wood-based panels

Teknos has also developed fire-retardant solutions for specific applications. TEKNOSAFE 2457 is a fire-retardant primer specifically for the opaque coating of unweathered wood-based panels. It increases the resistance of wood-based panels when exposed to fire in order to comply with fire regulations. TEKNOSAFE 2457 has been tested according to a number of international standards and retains a fire-retardant effect of DRF class INT1 and INT2 according to CEN/TS 15912.

Technical support by Teknos fire protection specialists

Fire-retardant coatings require special expertise and meticulous application in order to comply with the specifications of a fire protection classification. Experienced Teknos specialists will be a help here. Teknos runs a dedicated test laboratory for fire-retardant coatings and has a lot of world-wide experience with relevant standards and regulations. Teknos fire protection experts support customers with detailed information on classifications, substrates and application. And they can give support when a production line has to be set up or adjusted or provide on-site staff trainings.

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Teknos fire protection specialists support customers with detailed information on classifications and CE marking, give support when a production line has to be set up or adjusted, and provide on-site staff trainings.

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