The Beginner's Guide To Painting

How hard can decorating really be? A colour, a paint brush, a vision...


How hard can decorating really be? A colour, a paint brush, a vision….

It seems like an easy enough prospect. Then you think about choosing a colour and suddenly an explosion of shades, decisions and life choices stand before you. This is where we come in, with your own personal ‘Pride’ guide to getting started with selecting the perfect paint!

is for Pick Your Paint Colour last:

This piece of advice is especially relevant to new homeowners who want to paint the walls before moving in. It’s hard to pick a colour when a room is without furniture, artwork or flooring. It's much easier to match paint colours to fabrics, rugs and soft furnishings than it is to try and find a cushion which matches your wall. So go mad, choose all your accessories and then pick your paint colour. You’ll pick something more suitable if you have a full vision of the end product.

is for Reach for Quality:

There are few things in life that are rich in quality but cheap in price – those few things are usually found on somewhere like ebay and treasured for a lifetime! However we really wouldn’t recommend that you buy your paint on ebay. Choose a high quality paint that will reflect your personality and lifestyle, you honestly will get what you pay for when it comes to choosing the right brand. Our paints are rich in colour, quality and expertise. As part of the retail division of Teknos UK Ltd, a family run paint company dating back to 1948, the Teknos group has a long history of offering high quality, technology led paints.

I is for Inspiration:

Don’t rush into choosing colours – paint is so much more than something you put on a wall. Try to get inspiration from different places. Pinterest and Houzz are useful channels for home interiors inspiration but you can also use other people’s homes, fashion, art etc. Whatever it takes to inspire you into choosing a design that will work for you. Check out the inspiration page on our website.

D is for Decorating Advice:

Once you’ve decided on a colour and bought your paint it’s time to get round to some actual painting – make sure you get some decorating advice if you’re taking on the task yourself, rather than hiring a professional. The Pride and Joy team are all time served decorators with vast industry experience, download someadvice sheets via our website for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your surfaces and apply our paint.

E is for EnJOY!

Painting should be fun, with just a lick of paint you can transform a space. Be sure to take Joy in your decorating, your home is a reflection of who you are - the colour you choose to paint your home is a great way to express yourself. It’s all about having fun and being creative.

Happy painting!

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