Colour Your Story


Stunning Colour Your Story -collection includes 105 timeless interior colours selected by our colour designers from our INTERIOR COLORS colour card. Their clean, honest colours and playful shades are easy to use as part of different decorative styles and are suitable for all surfaces within the home - from floor to ceiling.

The Colour Your Story -collection is divided into five different themes and they all have own story. The naming of themes and colours has taken inspiration from the North scenery and the Scandinavian way of life. Let the collection help you bring your own personal style to life - and reignite your love of home.

1691418544.pngOpen Colour Your Story - Decorative Guide (PDF)

Nordic Phenomena

Nordic Phenomena is a collection of cool, calm colours with hues of blue and green that bring northern themes into your home. Shades of refreshing water and ancient forests take you closer to nature, creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Cozy Weekend

The Cozy Weekend colour collection consists of warm and neutral shades, perfect for creating a welcoming and embracing ambience. The collection’s warm whites can be used to soften other shades, making a space feel pleasant and homely.

Cool Living

Cool, harmonious greys and whites straight from a Nordic winter scene. The colours of the Cool Living collection create contrasts in a minimalist style where matte light meets with soft darker shades.

Express Yourself

Delicious and warm colours with a hint of spice. Express Yourself is a collection of earthy shades that create a soft atmosphere in the home. The muted hues are easy to combine with other colours to achieve a personalised look.

Colours Without Borders

Do you believe that every city has its own aura? Pastels that bring back memories of heels hitting cobbled streets and misty spring mornings by the riverside. Colours Without Borders is a stunning collection of colours with warm tones sure to capture attention on their own or in combination with other shades.