Does your house have curb appeal?

An eye catching, smart front door is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add value to your property. It can transform the look of your home and it’s possible to complete the job in a day if you get started early. A top tip though, check the weather forecast in advance because you will definitely need some good weather so the paint can dry before you lock up at night.

What colour?

It’s a personal choice really but take into consideration the colour of your brickwork and other paintwork too. You can also consider the period of your property, a Victorian house for example, would look great with a high gloss black or navy blue front door.  Our Futura Aqua 80 paint is perfect for this. 

If a softer look is what you are after, paler colours like greens and greys can look great in a satin finish. For this look, choose our Futura Aqua 40, a rich, semi gloss paint for interiors and exteriors.  

Try these colours from our Colour Mode collection: Thor's Hammer 713, Dew 619.

Begin by removing any door furniture, knockers for example and then lightly sand the door to get a really smooth finish. If you’re changing the colour, you will need to apply an undercoat or primer first. Once this is dry, you can start on your first top coat allowing around 4 hours for this to dry. Apply a second coat and that’s it, instant (ish) curb appeal!

Teknos have colours to suit any taste so take a look and add some value to your home.