Teknos right from the start

Viking Window AS is a modern door and window manufacturer known for its high quality and efficiency. The company, which is based in Paide (Estonia), was established in 1996 as a Danish-Estonian joint venture. This steadily growing company is currently generating annual net sales of about EUR 13 million with production in the vicinity of 27,000 units per year. It has about 140 employees, and sales offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. The company is largely under Estonian ownership, and its success is founded on modern technology, efficiency, an excellent quality system, and its highly esteemed craftsmanship.

Successful export with versatile line-up

Over half of Viking Window‘s output is exported. Even during the early days, products were being exported to satisfied customers in Denmark. Since then, the company has launched exports to Iceland, Norway, the UK, Sweden and Latvia. The strongest market area is currently the UK, where products are largely sold under local brands. The company‘s wide selection of technical solutions has helped drive window exports: the range includes both inwardand outward-opening windows, and tilt and turn windows.

A supplier who cares

Teknos has been supplying Viking Window with surface finishes since beginning. Products are supplied by production facilities in both Finland and Denmark. Viking Window‘s Managing Director Ilmar Iva has fond memories of his company‘s shared journey with Teknos. „A Finnish sales representative, Jarmo Leino, turned up at the factory wearing overalls to do some test painting with Teknos products. Thanks to Teknos‘ active interest in our business and the high quality of its products, we‘ve been using Teknos products ever since,“ says Ilmar Iva.

Managing Director Ilmar Iva is satisfied with Teknos’
active interest in his company’s business and the high 
quality of its surface finishes

Teknos products are supplied from production facilities in both Finland and Denmark. Among products delivered are AQUATOP 2600, AQUAPRIMER 2900, AQUAPRIMER 3130, ANTISTAIN AQUA 2901 and TEKNOL AQUA 1410.

Ninety-nine per cent of the wood used by Viking Window is pine, and it is delivered by a variety of European suppliers as ready-touse blanks. “Teknos‘ products have worked so well that we don‘t need to use a variety of different woods,” says Ilmar Iva. The blanks come with finger joints, and the wood must be dense and straight-grained. The goal is for no joints to be visible in the external surfaces of the frames. “We invest in high quality, which is why we have modern machinery, first-class maintenance and excellent quality systems,” says Ilmar Iva.

Opaque outside, natural inside 
About 35 per cent of production is accounted for by wood-aluminium windows, which the company has been manufacturing since 2005. “Many windows are twin-tone, that is, the inner and outer faces are different colours. The outer face can therefore have an opaque finish and the inner one a transparent finish,” Ilmar Iva explains. During the company‘s almost twenty-year history, there has been a clear trend in window design – windows are now a third larger than they used to be, and treble glazing has become standard. Viking Window‘s door selection includes both inward- and outward-opening entrance doors, and sliding and folding terrace doors. All doors have three hinges to guarantee both safety and stability. They are also available with aluminium cladding, which provides effective protection from the weather.

Real wood will have a future 
One major trend in construction is energy efficiency, which is why window casings are deeper than before. Intelligent windows are also on the horizon. They will come with, for example, integrated electric curtains and burglar alarms. In spite of developments in construction technology, Ilmar Iva hopes that real wood will still be extensively used to make windows and doors in the future. Products by Viking Window, by all means, have a good reputation in a number of countries - and Teknos has contributed to that.