Log Cabins built to brave the Scottish Winter

Log Cabins Scotland, which builds bespoke log cabins, offices, studios, workshops and garden rooms, uses TeknosIndustry to protect their wooden buildings.

Keith Garry from Log Cabins Scotland says “Teknos paints are made to withstand extreme conditions and the Scottish winter certainly puts them to the test.” On this recent project, Keith and his team used the end grain sealer, TEKNOSEAL4000, on the sanded down wood of the log cabins. This aqueous product seals the end of grain on new wood in exterior settings which makes it ideal for the log cabins.

The acrylate filler, TEKNOFILL 5001, was used to fill the knots of the wood and worked in conjunction with ANTISTAIN AQUA 5210, a knot inhibiting primer. This waterborne industrial primer is designed to reduce staining from knots and softwood and was used by Log Cabins Scotland on top of Teknofill 5001. To create a barrier effect against extreme weather and to minimise staining, two coats of Antistain Aqua 5201 primer were then applied to the wood and left to dry to reveal an antique white finish.

The final Teknos product used on this project was the AQUATOP 2600 which has a microporous protective film and is resistant to bacteria, mould and UV attack. Two coats of this were applied to the wood in the customer’s chosen shade; a soft grey. The finished look was a contemporary log cabin that remains strong and sturdy even in the harsh Scottish weather.

Teknos’ colour ranges are popular across the market offering on-trend shades that are loved by contractors and end-users. Contact sales@teknos.co.uk for information about our translucent ranges or browse our Colour Mode opaque colours.

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