Stonewalk - Sophisticated floor covering with powder coating

Each year, the Danish producer of exclusive stone floors, Stonewalk, lays 150,000 square meters of flooring in warehouses, hangars, electronics companies, industrial kitchens, garages, car showrooms, slaughterhouses, milking areas - and all the other places where there is a need for a durable floor. Stonewalk's quartz stone and quartz silica sand in 26 different colors and in six size classifications are dyed with Teknos' powder coating.

A craft

The dying of the stones takes place in a process that Stonewalk itself has developed. Powder coating and quartz are mixed in large containers, and the material is heated up. It is a craft that requires great understanding and a grasp of the process. Air temperature and humidity are factors that strongly influence the result. The powder coating has been developed by Teknos to be able to be used within a very narrow temperature curve.

"We have had a close cooperation with Teknos' powder technicians to adapt the product to our process," says Juhl Nielsen, who is plant manager for the two factory facilities in Denmark. The process is continuously being optimized to reduce waste.

"As much as possible must be re-used, since the disposal of non-usable quartz stone is subject to very high costs," says Juhl Nielsen.

Logo colors are a challenge

The colors can be mixed, completely as the customer wishes, and what could be better than having one's logo impressed in the stone floor? When it comes to company logos, it is extremely important for the customer that the stones have the right shade. It can sometimes be a challenge, since the RAL color chart does not always match 100%. Here, Teknos' color laboratory is able to find the exact color code. Epoxy, acrylic or polyurethane are added to the colored quartz. It results in a very durable floor, which is very well suited for many applications.

Other applications

One of the newest applications is colored quartz stone for covering roofing felt. It is only the imagination that sets the limits, and the colors can be mixed completely at the customer's request. Find inspiration at Stonewalk's website in "Stone-lab", where you can mix the colors yourself. For example, the stones can also be used for stairs with different steps, walls with decorations, aquariums, flower pots for both outside and inside use and vases.