save up to 90% on energy costs

Moisture curing technology

Heating an industrial oven can require a power supply of 50-100 kW, whereas moisture accelerated curing can be done for less than 1 kW.

This means by switching from oven to moisture curing with TEKNODUR COMBI 3560, up to 274,000 kWh in yearly energy savings can be made, all whilst increasing the productivity.

Low VOC Emissions

Thanks to its high solids content, the TEKNODUR COMBI series emit a notably smaller quantity of VOC emissions than water-borne polyurethane paints do. This eliminates the need for a combustion plant and frees up resources for profitable investments



Your road to Net Zero

Our experts are trained to consult on how to lower your energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

We support and advise on:

• Optimising coating application
• Reducing overuse and waste
• Improving process quality
• Implementing sustainable practices
• Maintaining equipment
• Drying and curing systems
• Surface preparation
• ...and more

Technical support

Focusing on systematic product development and utilising advanced technologies Teknos has developed a comprehensive series of paints to fit the specific needs of these extremely demanding industries. Combined with our extensive technical support and global distribution network, we can ensure full convenience and prompt deliveries – resulting in uncontested user experience and added value.

Even better solutions for even more challenging customer needs

Consistency is one of the most essential keys to flawless operations and better productivity. With demanding equipment operating in the fields of agriculture, construction and earthmoving, uniform quality and appearance are even more important. At the same time, features such as gloss and colour retention must withstand the toughest operating conditions.

Teknos has developed a comprehensive series of paints to fit the specific needs of these extremely demanding industries.

Meeting the legislative requirements

Besides functional properties, modern paints have been developed to meet the requirements towards environmental friendliness and user safety. The amounts of both energy consumption and VOC emissions are monitored carefully, and as the authority statutes become stricter, only the most capable manufacturers can follow the requirements so that the paints maintain their ability to perform. As the research and development operations of both powder coatings and wet paint solutions take place under the same roof, Teknos can provide a comprehensive range of high quality paints with uniform colour and gloss. The products that possess the same technical background also feature equal anti-corrosion and ageing properties. Thanks to the company’s long-time focus on research and development, we are proud to be able to provide a range of best-in-class paints for agriculture, construction and earthmoving equipment.

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