RENSA DETERGENTS - washing solutions for every surface

Teknos's range of detergents has been updated. The RENSA product range, introduced to the market at the end of 2015, forms a comprehensive range of high-quality detergents for all household purposes.

The RENSA product range is a comprehensive and clear range of washing solutions from which you can easily find the most suitable alternative for every surface and situation. The increasingly efficient, thoroughly new products contain biodegradable surface-active substances, which also make them environmentally friendly. The products' functionality with various paint types and surfaces has been tested in Teknos's product development laboratories and numerous practical tests. RENSA products are available in one and five litre packages, excluding the RENSA SAUNA Sauna Cleaner, which is only available in the smaller size. The RENSA SUPER Paint cleaner is also available in a convenient one litre spray bottle.

The new, advanced washing solutions provide excellent cleaning power and unique user and environmental friendliness.

Surfaces are always worth cleaning

Regardless of the type of surface you are about to paint or its location, the rule of thumb is to clean the surface carefully prior to painting. Over time, surfaces accumulate a lot of impurities, some of which are easier to notice and others more difficult. The accumulation of dirt, dust, grease stains and many other fine particles is unavoidable, and all of them weaken adhesion of the new finish.

To achieve the best outcome, the surface should be cleaned with a detergent developed for it, one that takes into account the surface material and the nature of its use. According to Teknos's technical adviser Petri Sirviö, the careful cleaning of surfaces before painting is an important work phase. A large part of the problems involved with a new finish, such as the paint peeling off from the surface, derive from insufficient or altogether overlooked cleaning.

“The proper cleaning of surfaces forms an essential part of the preliminary phases of painting. Having the patience to pay attention to it will pay for itself in the form of an easier paint job and a better outcome. The anti-mould wash of outdoor surfaces, for example, is something that should always be taken seriously. Even the tiniest amount of mould left under the finish will inevitably push through and ruin the new coating. Unfortunately, this fact just tends to be forgotten fairly often.”

In Sirviö's opinion, the new RENSA detergent family can be of help in this respect. Good products with clear names and clearly indicated purposes make the selection of the right product easier.

“The clear product names in the RENSA product family are easy to adopt and remember. The products are of a first-rate quality and the added substances ensure a good result on all surfaces. Another excellent feature is the fact that the packages contain markings on the area for which the content has been determined sufficient. This helps to ensure that the product won't run out at the most critical phase of the work.”

Sirviö also emphasises the careful reading of directions before starting the wash. Every surface is different, and the washing solution developed for it has its particular qualities in terms of, for instance, rinsing and drying time. Taking care and protecting oneself are always important, also when using the biodegradable RENSA products.

The RENSA product family meets the cleaning needs of the most demanding surfaces. The selection includes products suitable for all surfaces and for all types of working conditions. The new, advanced washing solutions provide excellent cleaning power and unique user and environmental friendliness.

RENSA SUPER Paint cleaner
An efficient universal detergent for all building surfaces.
For paint pre-treatment both indoors and outdoors.
Does not require rinsing—the cleaned surface can be painted as soon as it has dried.

RENSA FACADE Façade cleaner
For the cleaning and paint pre-treatment of all outdoor surfaces.
Efficient removal of dirt, mould, algae growth and other impurities that weaken the adhesion of paint.
Not harmful to garden plants.

RENSA TERRACE Deck cleaner
A superbly efficient detergent for washing wooden surfaces before wood-oil treatment.
Cleans and lightens, efficiently removing dirt, mould and algae growth.

RENSA SAUNA Sauna cleaner
Cleans and refreshes the sauna and shower rooms gently, but efficiently.
Suitable for all shower room surfaces, including old painted surfaces.
For the pre-treatment of benches and panels before their protective treatment with SATU products.

RENSA ROOF Roof wash
For the washing of tile roofs and previously painted, very dirty metal-sheeted roofs prior to painting.
Efficient removal of dirt, algae, moss and lichen growth.

RENSA ANTI-MOULD Protection against mildew
A highly effective concentrate that kills mildew, lichen and algae growth, disinfecting the surface and providing long-term protection.
Easy to spray on, leaving the weather to clean off the growth.

RENSA STEEL Washing agent for galvanized surfaces
For the pre-treatment of galvanized metal-sheeted roofs and other galvanized steel surfaces prior to their first painting.