Professional Lacquers to get a new design

Teknos aquired Kiilto’s parquet lacquer business in 2018 to broaden the product portfolio for high quality floor coatings. These lacquers are now part of Teknos floor coating portfolio that is developed to provide long lasting coating solutions for professionals and end users.

The packaging of these professional lacquers will have a new design with Teknos branded labels starting from 1.1.2020. The professional lacquers are fully integrated in Teknos’ processes and we ensure that Teknos professional parquet lacquers will work reliably and are a durable choice for public and private spaces.

Teknos offers parquet lacquer solutions for the highest requirements

Teknos parquet lacquer portfolio offers solutions for the highest requirements of professional users and property owners. Sport courts belong to the most common objects of parquet flooring work and therefore, there are products in the range that comply with DIN 18032-2 and EN 14904 friction requirements for sports halls. We even have a system for coating parquets in vessels sailing under EU flag with the MED approval, aiming at reducing response to fire.

All the parquet products are water-borne and they have been awarded the​ Key Flag Symbol marking Finnish origin. Additionally, most of the products are classified Group M1 in Emission Classification of building materials indicating low emissions to indoor air.