Oiling the deck changed the atmosphere of the whole patio

The old, worn, and faded wooden deck came to life after careful treatment with Teknos RENSA TERRACE deck cleaner and WOODEX AQUA WOOD OIL.

The small wooden deck of the townhouse had already seen its best days, and the greyish, dry wood floor did not entice its residents out to enjoy the warm summer days outside. Teknos’ painting team ran to the rescue and washed, oiled, and decorated the small and sunny wooden deck brining new life to the entire patio. Even a small transformation, such as oiling or painting the timber deck, can change the atmosphere in your patio or garden.

How to oil your deck?

To start with, the outdoor deck was emptied, the walls protected, and the entire deck washed with RENSA TERRACE deck cleaner, which is a water-borne and biodegradable detergent suitable for washing garden furniture and wooden terraces. When washing, water the deck thoroughly with plenty of water, then brush with RENSA TERRACE  deck cleaner and a firm deck brush. Leave on for about 5 to 10 minutes (the product should not dry on the surface), after which rinse it off with plenty of water.

The actual oiling was done the next day, letting the terrace boards to dry completely. Oiling should not be done in direct sunlight – instead go for a time when the deck lies in shade. The best tool for oiling the deck is a paint brush as wide as the boards together with an extension pole. For best results, paint the boards from start to finish two or four boards at the same time. In this case, the team used the water-based WOODEX AQUA WOOD OIL.  

Choosing the right deck colour

Today, decks can be painted with several different colors. The colour also has a function as it protects the wood from UV radiation.

“We discussed, whether we should choose gray or brown wood oil, or perhaps one of the translucent colours fit for this purpose. In the end, we ended up using the traditional premixed brown wood oil. We are very pleased with the result; The color is very natural and brings wonderful warmth to the timber deck”, the deck owner says.

Although the deck boards were worn, the surface treatment brought a huge change.

“It feels like the whole patio has changed. Now it’s nice to spend summer here with friends and family members”, the deck owner says.

Deck drying time is one day

The renovation of the 20-square-meter timber deck took in total about 4 hours. Since the deck should be allowed to dry after washing, washing was done on the first day and oiling on the second.

“When considering oiling the deck, it is always worth noting that the oil must be allowed to dry thoroughly before any furniture is put in place. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider oiling the deck even a week before a bigger garden party is arranged, if the surface will immediately be subjected to heavy use", tne customer service team at Teknos tips.

"Of course, it's also worth following the weather forecast, as the deck wood oil requires at least one day to dry".

Deck before and after oiling:

Painting an old faded deck

Oiling with Woodex Wood Oil


Lovely terrace deck colour

The new colour of the terrace deck also protectst the wood against UV radiation. In this case the deck was treated with WOODEX WOOD OIL in premixed brown.