The next level in rust protection

Protecting metal surfaces against rust with a water paint—sounds as much like a fairy tale as an oxymoron. Thanks to systematic product development, this is now nonetheless true in Teknos's product range.

FERREX has always been not only the innovation of its own age, but one of Teknos's most successful products. This product series, the very first member of which was the red oxide paint introduced onto the market during the company's first years of business, has, over the years, developed in accordance with both users' wishes and an increasing consideration for the environment. The next step on the development path of FERREX was taken in December 2015, when the new FERREX AQUA Anti-corrosive paint was launched. It is a corrosion-inhibiting polyurethane water paint whose active pigmentation prevents rust from forming under the paint coat.

Water paint FERREX AQUA is able to meet all the most difficult challenges of protection.

Compared to its predecessors, FERREX AQUA provides an increasingly environmentally and user friendly alternative for all rust protection. Given that a coat of this water paint does not form solvent vapours, its use is more pleasant and safe in every respect. Ease-of-use is further supported by the fact that the washing of both tools and splashes is easy.

Nor is there a need to compromise on the efficacy of the protection, given that the water paint FERREX AQUA is able to meet all the most difficult challenges of rust protection. Its adhesion to metal surfaces is excellent and the rust protected surface can be painted with nearly any kind of metal-sheet, furniture or construction paint.

FERREX AQUA also works excellently in dry, indoor environments as the finishing of water pipes and cast-iron radiators, for example. In rust protection, FERREX AQUA is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, and on iron, steel and aluminium and galvanized surfaces.
It provides efficient protection for sheet-metal roofs, furniture and steel structures, under all conditions and in all seasons.


FERREX AQUA Anti-corrosive paint
An anti-corrosion pigmented and inhibited anti–corrosive adhesion primer. For iron and steel surfaces and aluminium prone to rust both indoors and outdoors
Colours: white T1326 and grey T1380.
Package sizes: 0.5 l, 1 l, 3 l and 10 l.