KIRJO AQUA – the easiest and most efficient paint for sheet-iron roofs

Launched in the summer of 2012, water-borne KIRJO AQUA became immensely popular that very season. Following the product’s first summer on the market, hundreds of thousands of square metres of sheet-iron roofs in Finland, whether new or previously painted using traditional alkyd and acrylate paints, have been treated with KIRJO AQUA. Naturally, the product’s immense popularity was very welcome to Teknos but, if truth be told, this did not come as a complete surprise. Because the paint’s product development and practical testing had continued for nearly a decade, we knew in advance that KIRJO AQUA was an excellent product for painting sheet-iron roofs.

Now also for plastic-coated sheet-iron roofs

Testing is still ongoing, but we have already confirmed that KIRJO AQUA is applicable and best suited to the maintenance painting of sheet-iron roofs with a coil coating, i.e., so-called plastic-coated sheet-iron roofs. On the basis of thorough test painting and product testing performed by Teknos alone, as well as jointly with a metal sheeting manufacturer, KIRJO AQUA’s adhesion to most types of industrial coating options was deemed excellent. KIRJO AQUA shows flawless adhesion to solid and clean acrylic, polyester, polyurethane, and PVC Plastisol surfaces. The only surface deemed unsuitable for treatment using KIRJO AQUA was the relatively rare PVDF or PVF2, on account of partially uncertain adhesion.

KIRJO AQUA’s area of use continues to expand. Interest among professionals, designers and consumers has been increasing dramatically. Since KIRJO AQUA is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient paint for treating new and existing sheet-iron roofs, during the forthcoming summer it looks set to continue its rise towards becoming the first choice among Finnish sheet-iron roof painters.