The colours we see in nature are hardly a coincidence. Every colour and every shade is born from science. It’s the same for our paint colours, which have been developed with a team of scientists, colour specialists and a myriad of experts with decades of experience.

We at Teknos draw inspiration from the Nordic nature. This is why we have designed paint colours that have purpose beyond beauty. As a Finnish family business we give value to the nature surrounding us and our products are created to respect it, too.

There simply is more to our paint colours than meets the eye.

About photographer Konsta Punkka

Konsta Punkka is an award-winning Finnish wildlife and landscape photographer. His unique ability to capture animals and nature at their most expressive moments makes Konsta one of today’s most celebrated photographers. He has worked with the likes of National Geographic, Nikon, GEO and Adobe.

Konsta has provided the photography materials for Teknos’ Beyond Beauty campaign.

The dusky pink IHANA (T1522) is from the Express Yourself colour theme. It’s soft hue is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

HARMAJA’s (T1736) dreamy grey tone is inspired by the misty Nordic summer mornings, and can be found from the Cool Living theme.

The bold, dark tone of NORDIC NOIR (T1757) is an elegant choice for adding contrast to the home’s surfaces. It is part of the Cozy Weekend collection.

The beautiful LYKKE (T1708) is from the Cozy Weekend colour series. It’s tone is perfect for adding softness to the home. Combine with natural fibre textiles for added “hygge”. 


We have created a stunning collection of 105 timeless interior colours. Their clean, honest colours and playful shades are easy to use as part of different decorative styles and are suitable for all surfaces within the home - from floor to ceiling.

The Colour Your Story-collection is divided into five different themes, each with a unique story. The naming of the themes and colours have been inspired by the Nordic nature and the Scandinavian way of life.


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