Teknos makes the world last longer

Teknos has outlined the Group's sustainability targets as part of its strategy renewal for 2019-2025. The goal is to become the most responsible actor in the industry and to make the world last longer through close cooperation with stakeholders and by investing in developing exceptional customer solutions and enhancing employees’ expertise. The focus areas of the program are: Sustainable solutions and services, Responsible operations and supply chain, People development and Future generations.

“For us, sustainability means two things: First, that we invest most of our profits back into the company, and invest in our people and their skills. This way, we can develop the society by sharing our expertise forward through e.g. customer trainings or social activities. Second, we feel that it is important for us to support our customers in reaching their sustainability goals. This will help us to make a bigger positive impact,” says Paula Salastie, CEO, Teknos Group.

In practice, this means that Teknos is committed to developing sustainable solutions and services that enable the company's customers to save energy, extend their products’ life span and reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals in their products, among other things. In the coming years, the company will focus on research into bio-based and secondary raw materials and their inclusion in their products. Country and function-specific road maps are currently being developed to support the CSR program.

As part of the work, Teknos has also published a report on non-financial information for the first time. The company commits to developing its sustainability reporting in accordance with the interests and expectations of external and internal stakeholders.

Sustainable thinking or responsible innovations are not new to Teknos. Sustainability has guided the company's operations and product development for years. It stems from the values ​​of the family business, the company culture and a willingness to look ahead far into the future instead of just into the next quarter. As a fourth-generation family entrepreneur, Salastie wants to nurture the company like her own child; she speaks about ensuring continuity of both the company and the planet.

“Sustainability can also be small actions for which you expect nothing in return, things that make our stakeholders happy. As such, sustainability is not only realized through our CSR program, but is built in the way we operate daily.”

“We want people's living environment to be as good as now – or better – in the future. This means not only taking environmental issues into account, but also both ensuring continuity for the company and investing in the wellbeing and development of our personnel. As we develop the company with a view to the long-term future, we guarantee that we will be able to continue to grow and develop, create jobs, innovate and develop more sustainable and better products, and invest in employee well-being and safety,” Salastie emphasizes.

According to Salastie, Teknos is well placed to build a more sustainable world.

“We are backed by strong innovation expertise and highly skilled and motivated staff. As a family-run business, our trump cards are agility and the ability to make quick decisions. Our customer focus and years of excellent customer relationships help us work closely with our customers in this field,” Salastie believes.