Working in tight cooperation close to customers

​​Teknos is shown in "Finland's most interesting places to work" campaign​. The following article is a part of the campaign.​Suomen_kiinnostavimmat_työpaikat_500x332.jpg

From left, Tuukka Ryynänen, Heli Nurminen and Jussi Vahlfors.

"Teknos is the best place to work of all times. With a 40-years of career experience in techno-chemical industry, I dare say such a thing", says a gentleman dressed in work coveralls who sits down to the same table in the canteen. The atmosphere gets even better when cheerful shift workers join us for a coffee break.

"We have a homely atmosphere, and guests benefit from it," says HRD Director Heli Nurminen with a smile. A surprising encounter sums up well the firm foundation of the family business, Teknos spirit.

The spirit springs from the family ownership and the sense of community, where the hierarchy is almost an unknown concept. The staff are strongly committed to the company on the basis of the results of the employee opinion survey. "Our goal is profitable growth, and we want to lure new doers to join us," says Heli. "Teknos offers an opportunity for new talents to learn and grow within the company. Career and growth paths are important to us."

Heli emphasizes the importance of internationalization and globalization, because Teknos has operations in 18 countries.

"Understanding different cultures is important and there we strive to educate our people." On the threshold of growth, the ability to stick to the strengths, such as agility and flexibility, is getting more important. On the other hand, according to Heli, perseverance is also one of the strengths of the family business. Owner's active role in the group management creates a sense of security. "When you come here, you often stay long," she says.

From a Researcher to a Director of R&D and Technology

Director, R&D and Technology Tuukka Ryynänen is one of those who has worked at Teknos for a long time. "I graduated as a chemical engineer and came to Teknos as a researcher in 2005," he says, but remembers to mention that he became familiar with the company already during his study period while having a summer job at Teknos. "I worked in paint canning at Helsinki factory. I have also worked as a researcher and R&D manager for metal and industrial wood segments before being appointed to Director, R&D and Technology about two years ago."

As a Director, R&D and Technology Tuukka is responsible for the Group's R&D operations. Working as a R&D Chemist at Teknos requires Master of Science or similar degree. "A lot of people come to us already in the early stages of their studies, we offer thesis topics and more diverse opportunities also through the trainee programs," Tuukka says and - along with Heli - emphasizes the importance of being self-initiative.

"The role of the researcher is interesting and diverse, and requires not only knowledge of chemicals, but also active collaboration with the internal stakeholders: procurement, production, sales and marketing. We also work in continuous cooperation with our customers, raw material suppliers, as well as with universities and Tekes*. We deliver complete solutions, and it is important for us to offer our customers not only high-quality products, but also technical support to ensure together a successful surface treatment result."

Your own career path is up to you

Factory foreman Jussi Vahlfors' Teknos career began ten years ago.

"I started as a paint maker working in shifts," he starts telling about his straightforward career path. Being aware of his goals Jussi substituted for factory foremans and never hid his skills. His expertise was also used in production development in factories in China and Russia. Now he manages his own department of 16 employees. "The status is earned and it must be taken through actions," says Jussi firmly. "One's own career path depends a lot on oneself. The know-how and passion will be noticed."

Possibilities at Teknos:

  • A variety of tasks in research and development as well as production, sales and support functions
  • Several alternative career paths to become a part of Teknos' growth story
  • Summer jobs, trainee programs, job training programs, thesis projects
  • Socially significant projects

*Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation​