From a trainee to marketing business partner – in just four years

Interested in hearing the four amazing career steps of Eva Budak? Let’s hear her story. 
Eva Budak has been progressing wonderfully in her career path, from a trainee to a marketing business partner. This international travel enthusiast has truly loved her job as part of a multi-cultural global company.  
While studying international marketing and management in a business university, Eva Budak started to seek for a workplace in her own business field. A good friend of hers knew a company called Teknos, and suggested Eva to apply there. The company was recommended for her since it provided great opportunities for international students. At the time Eva was spending her exchange year in New York.  
Funny fact – Eva’s exchange was originally supposed to be less than nine months, but it got extended due to her huge interest in exploring new places.  
“I joined Teknos as a thesis writer because I needed to complete my studies. However, additionally to writing my thesis, only after a couple of months of working, I started getting requests to join in other interesting projects. At first, those projects were mostly related to customer service and assistance in marketing and communications”, Eva explains. 
After completing her thesis, she wanted to continue her journey in Teknos, and to her surprise, she was offered a position as a marketing and communications specialist with an indefinite contract. Having shown her activity and high motivation already during the first months as a thesis worker paid well off, and she was provided with great career development opportunities. However, at the time when Eva started as a marketing and communication specialist, there was not yet a department for marketing and communications in Netherlands. 
“That provided me a great opportunity to use my very fresh knowledge and ideas from the university and to start developing a marketing strategy for the country”, Eva adds. 
In addition to the mapping of the marketing, Eva was working, for instance, with the complete rebranding of Drywood to Teknos, building the webpage and labels for the company, as well as, participating in other big projects like fairs etc. 
A couple of years later, Teknos Netherlands started reorganizing its business, and Eva was offered a great honor of starting as the local marketing manager. At this point of time, Eva had been able to build the whole marketing and communications department according to the local needs of Teknos Netherlands. This has all happened in only four years since she started. 
“This is a great example of how people are actually offered many different work possibilities during their time in Teknos.” Eva highlights. 
For Eva personally, the various career development opportunities have been one of the key factors that have made her stay and sustain her high motivation. 
“One day, I was just having a casual discussion with my line-manager, and I shortly mentioned the fact that I love traveling. At that time there was a vacancy available as a marketing and business partner, and the manager saw a great match for that. So, I was promoted as a marketing and business partner for Teknos Netherlands”, Eva laughs. 
Eva has now been working in her current role for one month. She says that one of the best parts in traveling for work is the ability to get to meet different people in less formal ways. Traveling makes it also easier for her to get to spend more time with her global colleagues and, this way, to build stronger relationships with them. This is something that Eva strongly values in her role. 
“I am really looking forward to getting to see how the projects started by me turn out to be. I have got to build the marketing department for Netherlands from the very scratch, and I cannot wait to continue this super rewarding work.” 
Eva would like to encourage all the current and future Teknos employees to take the full potential of the company’s family culture. In Teknos, employees are treated fairly and offered multiple ways to succeed and develop in their career paths.