Final thoughts from 2017 Teknos Trainees

Our Trainees finished their Trainee period in September and they were asked to write down their final thoughts. Below they share their experiences with Teknos in summer 2017. On behalf of Teknos I would like to thank them all for a job well done. We will be hearing from you and luckily some future collaboration has already been agreed. - Arttu Lindroos, Group HR Manager


This summer in Teknos has been a great experience! I have been working as a HRD trainee and my main tasks have included global training coordination, mapping an e-learning system, employer branding planning and actions as well as implementing a stakeholder analysis. During these four months in Teknos, I’ve been given a lot of responsibility on these projects and an opportunity to perform projects and make decisions independently. I have learned a lot of new skills but also developed and used my previous competence. I feel that these projects I was working with truly supports my future career path and education. Teknos Trainee period has really been extremely interesting and I would recommend it for every student who wants to challenge themselves and work with great people in an international environment and supportive atmosphere.


I set out on the main project in May, with little idea how to proceed. I spent my first weeks gathering information about how things work, who to ask and where to ask. My project has kept me in contact to every site and every country in Teknos, so I’ve cooperated with people from all over the world! I was analyzing the customer orders and warehouses and their statistics. My problem-solving skills have soared during the summer and I’ve developed new thought processes and ways to work. Having spent this interesting 4 months in the Trainee position, I can comfortably say that Teknos is a good place to work. I was given enough responsibility to learn something new every day, but also had mentoring when I felt lost.

Teknos Trainees


During this past four months at Teknos, I got the possibility to take over several different projects in different functions and segments – just like the description of the Trainee program presented – I worked in Exports and in Marketing, where I was involved in two different segments: Metal Paints for industries and Architectural Coatings for consumers and professionals. I think the time at Teknos was truly worthwhile when thinking about the future. I enjoyed the diverse range of my responsibilities and in addition, I got to work with many experienced professionals, which was highly valuable. Teknos has a great corporate culture including the warm and friendly atmosphere, which is something that I will definitely look back on.


As the trainee period draws to a close, I finalize my last samples for testing, I place my last stickers and toss the familiar lab-coat on one last time I find myself thinking back and wondering if I have achieved what I set out to do. I’ve learned much about the industry and its practices, significance and challenges. I’ve found out what product development is like in practice, both the exciting parts such as analyzing the data or running the tests and the more mundane ones such as preparing samples for said testing. I’ve had the privilege of working along bright new minds and old veterans of the industry. All in all I can say that it has been an eye opening experience for me, that it has helped me find relevance in my studies and that it has motivated me to strive for the same excellence that so many here at Teknos present. Andreas Out.