Teknos coating solutions for the railroad industry

Teknos provides a full portfolio of coatings that provide both durability and visual appeal for every kind of railroad industry purpose. For both the exterior surfaces of passenger and freight cars as well as interior panels, door and window frames, decorations and furniture, our selection provides an ideal choice to maximize convenient use and exceptional durability.

Furthermore, we offer weather-proof coatings for information and schedule boards at the railway stations.

Our advanced technology and wide experience in manufacturing coatings for the most demanding professional use ensure industry-leading ability to withstand even the most demanding conditions. As trains operate through rain and snow, under extreme and rapidly changing temperatures, they need to be protected against corrosion and colour fading the best possible way. Furthermore, the car surfaces have to be able to maintain their appearance through repetitive chemical cleaning processes. Teknos coatings are able to provide all that, also offering improved cost-efficiency by ensuring long repainting intervals.


To support effective production processes and diversities in global supply chain we have developed hybrid systems where wet paint primer is part of powder coating system or vice versa.

Being close to our customers in all our key markets ensure prompt and reliable deliveries, which again contributes to smooth processes without unexpected delays or downtime.

Our technical support is at your service to assist in finding the best possible coating solution to every railroad industry purpose.

Teknos has a comprehensive INFRALIT powder coatings product portfolio for railroad industries including all major chemistries in a variety of different surface finishes.

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Teknos solutions for the railroad industry

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