An ocean of possibilities: custom-made coating solutions for every type of need


Custom-made coating solutions for every type of need

When it comes to coating windows and doors, our experience speaks for itself. We have one of the broadest product portfolios on the market for wood, aluminium, plastic or composite materials. Our solutions are compatible with environmental directives and provide high quality coatings suitable for state-of-the-art industrial production processes. 


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Translucent coating of wooden windows, window shutters, conservatories and doors

With Teknos system products, translucent colour shades can be exactly realised on softwood, hardwood and modified wood types. In addition to this, special primers are available for controlling the properties of certain wood types, for example, discolouration due to knots in softwood or water-soluble substances in hardwood.

Opaque coating of wooden windows, window shutters, conservatories and doors

There are various Teknos system products available for the opaque coating of softwood, hardwood or modified wood types (such as Accoya® or thermally treated wood), in whatever colour and for all relevant application processes.

Colourless coatings for windows and doors

The coating system which can be applied on wooden windows and doors, planned cladding etc. made of pine, spruce or larch wood provides strong protection against UV radiation and minimises the yellowing of the wood.

Coatings for wood/aluminium windows

Whether you want an opaque, translucent or even colourless finish, we have the right coating solution for wood/aluminium windows, including wood preservative and blue stain protection primers.

Coatings for aluminium windows

We have decades of experience with metal powder coatings. Our high quality powder solutions offer exceptional properties such as scratch resistant and anti-corrosive technology for aluminium window profiles. The effective application process required for powder coatings also enables you to minimise product waste.

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